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Things to Know About Hardwood Flooring From People Who Know Hardwood Flooring

Consider Carefully. Hardwood flooring decisions are unlike other purchases. Once installed, you can’t exchange it. You may live with it for a lifetime. You may wish to consult with an interior designer before choosing your hardwood flooring.Home Humidity Affects Hardwood. Did you know that up to half the weight of freshly sawn wood is water? Hardwood is carefully dried, retaining just enough moisture for the hardwood to properly acclimatize to the relative humidity in your home. The flooring continues to exchange moisture with the air, shrinking and expanding in response to changes in relative humidity.

Like your own skin, solid hardwood’s natural response to extremely dry air is to lose moisture and shrink a bit. The strips of the flooring may come apart slightly. This will correct itself as the relative humidity rises, and the hardwood absorbs enough moisture to expand.

Wood is a living material. It’s susceptible to expansion in warm weather and shrinkage in dry winter weather. Keep your home at a constant humidity level of about 45%.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance. Vacuum it regularly or use a damp mop. Don’t use water or commercial soaps. Use floor care products recommended by the manufacturer or by Markham Flooring staff. Wipe up spills immediately. Put protective pads under legs of heavy furniture to avoid dents. Place rugs in high traffic areas such as entranceways.Perfection Isn’t Possible. Understand that hardwood is natural and ‘imperfections’ such as knots and mineral marks only enhance the natural beauty of the wood. No two hardwood boards are identical.

Positioning and Sunlight. Never install hardwood in high moisture areas such as bathrooms. Also, constant exposure to sunlight can cause premature aging or fading. Place rugs or furniture in sunlit areas.

Can You Save By Installing it Yourself? Yes you can. For experienced do-it-yourselfers, it can be a satisfying home improvement project. Follow manufacturer’s directions. If in doubt, use professional installers.

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